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Representative Projects & Applicable Technologies

The following is a partial list of Action Technical Services' private sector clients and project requirements.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer:
Confined Space Entry monitoring, cleaning of distillation columns, emergency and spill response contract, underground storage tank removal, cleaning and closure of process tanks, wet and dry vacuuming of process sumps with truck mount equipment. HEPA Vacuuming of particulate contaminants, decontamination of research laboratories, clean room cleaning, 10,000 PSI waterblasting of heat exchangers and process tanks, asbestos abatement plant maintenance contract.

Automotive Manufacturer:
Decontamination of plant equipment, confined space entry monitoring, Haz-mat and spill response contracts, hydraulic system decontamination, PCB remediation, asbestos abatement plant maintenance contract, complete paint system flushing, cleaning, waterblasting, demolition, and closure.

Lead Smelting Operations:
Decommissioning of Lead Operations HEPA vacuuming of lead dust, followed by wet wash with Rinsate collected, stabilized and disposed. EPA closure of hazardous waste storage areas, and former smelting operations. Industrial cleaning and truck mount vacuuming of process equipment. Underground storage tank removal, contaminated soil excavation transportation and disposal.

Public Utilities:
Multiple top and bottom ash projects performed at power generation facilities. Heavy industrial cleaning and waterblasting of boilers, ductwork, scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators. Petroleum bulk storage tank removals, installations, system and piping upgrades. 40 hour OSHA haz-mat training for utility personnel, asbestos abatement maintenance contract, ground water remediation systems installed and maintained by Action Technical Services. Re-insulation of tanks, piping, and ceilings, (Fire Retardant). Recycling of SO2, caustics from scrubbing operations.

Glass Manufacturer:
Decontamination of lead, arsenic and other metals (particulate) via HEPA vacuuming. Asbestos abatement, tank closures, process and plant closures, underground storage tank removals, groundwater remediation systems.

Paper Manufacturer:
Asbestos abatement, hazardous material decontamination, specialty vacuuming storage tank cleaning, high pressure waterblasting, culvert and storm drain cleaning. Concrete and steel surface preparations prior to coatings applied by Action Technical Services. Video pipeline inspections.

Specialty Metals Foundry:
Multiple hazardous material (process by-products) decontamination via HEPA vacuums, asbestos abatement, acid tank cleaning, furnace cleaning, confined space entry, truck mount vacuuming.

HVAC Manufacturer:
Asbestos roof removal and repairs, asbestos abatement in plant and powerhouse. Cleaning of plant equipment, tanks, centralized coolant systems, decontamination of concrete "drain decks". Concrete surface preparation and specialty coatings.

Pump Manufacturer:
Analyzing, classifying, and disposal of hazardous materials. Design and installation of on-site treatment system for pre-treatment of PCB contaminated water with ultimate discharge to POTW.

Aluminum Foundry:
Asbestos abatement, and re-insulation, combustible dust services, structural cleaning, overhead crane cleaning, tank cleaning, and confined space entry. PCB remediation of equipment and facilities.

Fire Arms Manufacturer:
HEPA Vacuum of cyanide dust followed by sodium hypochlorite rinse in decommissioning of heat treat cell, asbestos abatement and re-insulation.

Chemical Manufacturer:
Multiple process tank cleaning and decommissioning, hazardous waste collection and disposal. Cleaning of flue gas precipitators. Waterblasting, heat exchangers, boiler cleaning, ash vacuuming, asbestos abatement and re-insulation, product recovery systems.

Aerospace Manufacturer:
Asbestos abatement, tank cleaning, facility cleanup, equipment decontamination, hazardous waste transportation and disposal, heat exchanger cleaning.

Scrap Metal Recycler:
PCB soil and aqueous waste treatment and remediation. Lead dust HEPA vacuuming, decontamination of site drainage and sanitary systems from lead contamination. Product recovery systems installed and maintained. Video pipeline inspection.

Automotive Component Manufacturer:
Heavy industrial cleaning of ceiling and structural steel followed by repainting of same without affecting production. Asbestos abatement, waste treatment plant maintenance, waterblasting, confined space entries, storage tank cleaning, plating line decontamination. Design and installation of solvent recovery system (soil contamination).

Printing and Publishing Company:
Decontamination of equipment and facilities from PCB's. Concrete demolition, soil excavation, transportation and disposal of solvent recovery, hazardous and non hazardous wastes.

Rail Services:
Heavy industrial cleaning of locomotives, collection of wash water for treatment and disposal. PCB remediation, underground storage tank closures, asbestos abatement. Culvert, storm, and sanitary line cleaning and inspections.

Petroleum Distributor:
Spill response, Storage tank cleaning and dewatering, UST closures, transporation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Installation of soil venting, ground water remediation, and/or recovery systems.

High pressure waterblasting, combustible dust services, spill response, powerhouse maintenance, duct work cleaning, vacuuming of grains storage facilities, multiple cosmetic and exterior surface cleaning projects, cleaning of coal system components - complete from rail house to precipitators, waste-water treatment plant services.

Pesticide Manufacturer:
Decontaminate manufacturing facilities for closure. Decontaminate warehouses for closure. Decontaminate underground and above ground storage tanks. Transport and dispose of hazardous waste.

The following is a partial list of Action Technical Services' public work clients and project requirements.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation:
Spill, Hazardous Material Response, and Sub-Surface Investigation for various regions. Hydrogeology, particle size distribution, and site characterization in conjunction with installation of groundwater and soil remediation systems such as carbon adsorption (air and water), interception trenches, re-change galleries, recovery systems, and soil vapor extraction systems.

New York State Office of General Services:
• Decontamination of the SUNY New Paltz campus from multiple PCB transformer fires.

24.8 Million Dollar contract involving multiple shifts, continous operations with Project Engineers, Project Managers, Health and Safety Personnel, and 55 Laborers per shift. The scope of work included structural demolition, surface decontamination, excavation, trench shoring, manhole (confined space) work, construction of groundwater and rinsate pump and treat systems to minimize waste and or meet regulatory objectives.

• Hazardous Waste Clean-up at Rockland County Psychiatric Center.

• Steamplant Facility Decontamination at, Sheridan Avenue Steam Plant, Albany, New York.

3.2 Million Dollar contract involving surface, structural ductwork and office decontamination utilizing 40 Laborers, Project Engineers, and Health and Safety Personnel on multiple shifts. All rinsate was treated on-site by a system installed by Action Technical Services resulting in significant reduction in waste disposal costs.

United States Air Force:
Removal and disposal of asbestos containing thermal insulation, fireproofing, and VAT flooring at Griffiss AFB, Hancock AFB. Underground storage tank removal, dewatering of fuel storage tanks.

"Solvent Savers" EPA Federal Superfund Site Lincklaen, New York:
Install 17,000 feet of SVE piping, electrical controls for same, distribution buildings, and landfill graded, capped, topped and seeded.

New York State Thruway Authority:
Multiple asbestos abatement projects involving removal of asbestos containing thermal insulation from toll plaza tunnels and district maintenance garages.

Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development:
Asbestos Abatement: Syracuse Housing Authority (roofing, thermal, VAT); Watervliet Housing Authority (thermal), Rome Housing Authority (thermal, VAT, lead paint, and lead dust abatement activities).

New York State Dormitory Authority:
Removal and replacement of asbestos roofing at SUNY Morrisville.

Asbestos Abatement at Various School Districts Throughout New York State:
A. Newcomb Central School District - ACM Thermal and fireproofing. Removal, re-insulation.
B. Malone Central School District - ACM ceiling demolition and replacement, thermal insulation removal.
C. Rush-Henrietta School District - Floor tile and mastic removal, thermal insulation.
D. Spencerport Central School District - Thermal insulation removal and replacement.

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