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Investment Recovery

The investment recovery group's focus is to help industrial clients recover costs associated with non-revenue producing inventory or process co-products. Typically, if a customer has an accumulation of a particular material or co-product, Action Technical Services may match the product with an end user.

Our experience with SO2 chemistry has allowed us to be particularly successful for our wet scrubber customers that generate their own power.

Action Technical Services Investment Recovery Division can provide:

  • Identification, characterization, and containerization of co-products and/or raw materials.
  • Computerized co-product matching service which identifies end uses of excess materials.
  • Investment recovery of out-dated equipment and production facilities.

Occasionally, when there are no other alternatives for re-use, Action Technical Services has direct access to an extensive network of disposal and treatment facilities. Action Technical Services can identify, manifest, transport and provide for disposal or treatment for most hazardous or non-hazardous waste streams.

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